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Piggin’ Out for a Cancer Cure

Supporting endometrial cancer research at UNC Lineberger

That’s right, folks. Yours truly is going hog wild again for UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. I’ve registered for my first ever marathon. Your heard me right. I said marathon, as in “Is anyone stupid enough to do that?” The date is May 7, and the place is “Porkopolis,” aka Cincinnati, Ohio. Fittingly, the race is called the Flying Pig Marathon. Like my costume?

The goal is a simple one: To support the research my friend Dr. Vickie Bae-Jump is doing at UNC to find a cure for endometrial cancer. She would like to embark on a large scale project to see if the differences she notes in obese and lean mice match with human tumors. Each sample will cost a whopping $400.00. She needs 50 samples to begin with.

Here’s my idea. I run 26 miles, and you donate $26.00 to Dave Black’s Piggin’ Out for a Cancer Cure Fund. I’d like to raise at least $4,000.00, which will pay for 10 samples and at least get Vickie started. All it takes is for 153 of us to cough up a measly 26 bucks apiece! For my part, I promise to do my best on race day as well in preparing for the event. Training involves 1) about 3 days a week of “short” runs, 2) a “long” run each week, and 3) rest (which I’m really good at). How fast do I expect to run my first marathon? Well, let’s see ….

Drew Carey finished his in 4:37 hours.

Oprah finished hers in 4:30 hours.

And little old moi? If I complete the race under the 7-hour time limit, I promise to do a back flip at the finish line. Or at least a waddle with attitude. The point is, instead of merely being an ambassador for old, slow runners, why not leverage the race for a super great cause? Got it? Sure, I realize I’m probably the most unlikely runner who’s ever lived. But in the past two years, running has become my good friend. It’s taught me patience. It’s helped me manage my grief after Becky’s death. It’s taught me that I can persevere. It’s helped me become a better me. Even when I’ve failed to achieve the pace I wanted, it’s taught me that failure is okay as long as we give it our best.

Running imitates life so much that it’s downright scary. All of us are wired with a God-given desire to strive to be all we can be. Did you know that several runners who finished the Boston Marathon on the day of the bombings ran several more blocks to a hospital to donate blood to the victims? How can you not love a community like that? Once I ended up running a 5K next to a woman carrying a spare leg for her husband who was running ahead of us. He had lost his limb in Iraq.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the gist. Would you please consider supporting this cause? If you're a blogging friend of mine, please consider writing a blog post about it. If you're a company, please consider sponsoring me for the race. If you can't afford to donate anything, you can still participate by helping me get the word out on Facebook or Twitter. Anything you do would be super appreciated.

A very happy, healthy, blessed, awesome, and productive New Year to all!


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